Website Structure – Making Content Easily Accessible!

The structure of a website might seem simple at first glance, but it’s one of the most crucial factors affecting a website’s performance. A well-thought-out website structure is like the structure of a well-organized company – the more efficient it is, the more successful the website will be.

Simplicity is Key

We all know it: Countless contents like hotel rooms, gastronomy, wellness offers, services, and more fill our websites. The more content there is, the more complex it can become for the visitor to use. Our goal is to make the website as simple and clear as possible. The easier it is for the user to access the content, the higher the probability that the visitor will make a booking in the end.

Finding the Right Menu Structure

First, we should consider the appropriate menu structure for our site. Do we use a simple menu bar or a burger menu? Do we work with submenus or not? Always consider how a user navigates through your website. For example, with submenus for room categories, the user must decide which category is best based on the name. If they are directed to an overview page of rooms, they can compare important information and pictures before deciding on a category. There is no “right” way, as the structure always depends on the product, but this example shows how to effectively guide the user through the website.

Overview and Structuring of Content

As a second step, we recommend visualizing the structure of the website with individual blocks. This provides an overview of the existing pages, their hierarchy, and content. This makes it easier to check whether the page structure makes sense, whether content should be merged or removed, and whether navigation is easy and intuitive for the user.

Optimally Placing CTAs (Calls to Action)

A key point are our CTAs, like the “Book Now” button. This should always be clearly visible on the website and encourage the user to click. This is especially important for mobile versions of the website, where the button should always be within reach.

In summary: An effective website structure makes it easy for the user to find their way around and increases the chance of conversions. Always think from the perspective of a first-time visitor and ask yourself whether someone who is unfamiliar with your “house” would immediately find their way.