Website – The Foundation of Everything!

Today, we want to explore the foundation, the basis of all your marketing activities, together with you – your website. But why is the website the foundation of everything? Whether you’re launching online or offline campaigns, you will most likely refer people to your website.

It’s important to note that websites are true multitaskers. A website can be used not only as a digital business card or sales platform but also, for example, to create a digital guest directory or control the content of screens on-site through a content management system (CMS).

This is made possible by the rapid development of websites. While websites used to be static and editing them was nearly impossible for non-experts a few years ago, modern websites not only offer the ability to adapt content flexibly but also to utilize the website for various purposes.

A hotel website is an e-commerce platform!

However, when focusing on a classic hotel website, it’s important to classify it correctly. Of course, we want to inform through our website, but the ultimate goal is nothing other than making sales. Therefore, we should consider our hotel website as an e-commerce platform! That’s why we repeatedly recommend studying and taking inspiration from platforms like, as they have perfected the art of selling rooms!

Responsive was yesterday – Mobile-first is today!

Another important point we need to consider is user behavior. Due to the increasing use of social media and the advancement of our mobile devices, we have experienced an average increase of 60% in mobile access to our websites over the past 3 years.

Leisure hotels now typically see over 50% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, while business hotels see over 35%. And this trend is continuing to rise. Of course, most reservations are still made on desktop, but it’s during the inspiration phase that most users access your website through their phones. This is also the phase where you can convince new potential guests and target new audiences.